Let's boost your client list and propel your sales with the power of persuasive copy...

I specialize in long-form sales copy for the financial and health markets. I write results-oriented copy using the direct response techniques proven to captivate prospects from the second they open a sales promotion.

I understand the critical importance of starting off with a killer headline and lead… adding in a unique selling proposition that intrigues and tantalizes … piling on the benefits that win over hearts… crafting proof and credibility elements that satisfy rational minds… offering guarantees that build trust… and creating irresistible offers that spur your prospect to the desired action…

I bring all this expertise to the copywriting services I offer...

Long-copy Promotions

Long copy is the core of what I write. Some people claim long copy is dead, but you and I know better.

As direct marketers, we know our products and services can't be sold in 140-character Tweets. We also know that one size copy does not fit all.

There are times when short copy will do just fine. Easy-to-understand products that rarely change — say a box of oatmeal, for example — can get by with a few simple paragraphs that detail the cereal's health benefits, taste and ease of preparation.

But how about a $2,500 subscription to an investment newsletter? Or a year's supply of a new health supplement priced at $499? Well, that's a different story requiring a different approach.

Your prospect needs a whole lot more information before plunking down her credit card. When writing your sales promotion, you'll need to consider her level of awareness of both your company and your product.

You'll need to make sure you've written stellar benefits, singling out one benefit to tout as a key component of your promotion's "big idea."

You want your prospect to see you as trustworthy, as a fellow human being who is looking out for her best interests and can provide a solution to her problem.

Your conversational tone will need to put her at ease as she reads paragraph after paragraph of compelling copy that targets her dominant resident emotions.

It's not every writer who can sustain all these elements for an entire long-form sales letter.

As a trained and award-winning direct response copywriter, I can deliver all the copywriting techniques that will increase conversions and boost sales on your next promotion.

I specialize in writing...

  • Direct-mail packages to generate leads (sales letter, reply card, envelope teaser)
  • Direct-mail packages to generate orders for a product or service (sales letter, order form, envelope teaser, brochure or lift note)
  • Online sales landing pages — ideally part of a strategic campaign that includes email and banner ads
  • Online Video Sales Letters

Traffic Drivers

If long copy is the star, then short copy is the all-important supporting cast.

And believe me, this supporting cast of short copy is a crucial element to the success of your online promotion.

Think about it. You've spent money and loads of time developing, writing and designing a top-notch sales landing page. But what good is it if nobody visits and reads it?

That's why you need compelling banner ads, squeeze pages and email traffic drivers to get your prospects exactly where you want them to be—on your sales page, intrigued and eager to read every word of your copy.

And if you hire me to write your traffic drivers, I'll write these golden nuggets of short copy that grab your prospects by the eyeballs and get them on the road to becoming your happy customers.

Editorial Writing

Lots of savvy marketers have figured out that a good way to build trust with their prospects is to offer them something of value free, often in the form of a special report, white paper or web content.

Writing these informational pieces is one of my specialties. In fact, I started my career writing and designing customer newsletters for a national dental insurance company. Later, I progressed to writing technical articles and user documentation for software companies.

Here are some of the ways I can use my editorial writing skills to help you build a rapport with your prospects and existing customers:

  • E-newsletters: Delivered straight to you prospect's inbox, successful e-newsletters are chockfull of helpful tips, articles and advice that not only educate readers but also give them the confidence to trust your company.
  • Articles and blog posts: I've written hundreds of articles and blog posts that add value to websites, engage readers and keep them coming back for more.
  • Special reports and premiums: These long-form pieces give your prospects valuable information that help them improve their lives, meet their financial goals or take advantage of exclusive opportunities. Reports and premiums are powerful tools to help sell financial newsletter subscriptions, health supplements and a variety of informational and educational products.

Now that you've read about the copywriting services I provide, take a look at my copywriting samples. Browse my portfolio and then contact me for more information or to get me started on your next writing project.