Mission Statement: My promise to you, my valued client...

Mission Statement"I pledge to help you nurture and grow your business. Your business is like a garden where small seedlings—tended with great care and diligence—can grow to be vibrant, thriving sources of abundance.

I will use my copywriting skills to help you demonstrate to your prospects the quality and value of your products and services. With my words and creativity, I will work to create an environment where a mutually beneficial relationship can flourish between you and your customers.

I will listen carefully to your needs. I will respond with enthusiasm, crafting the strong copy you need to achieve your goals.

I will work together with you to ensure the fruits of our labor lead to a profitable and healthy future for you and your business."    —  Elizabeth Blessing

A little about me...

I started out as a writer in 1986 after earning my degree in Literature/Writing from UC San Diego.

My first career break came when I was promoted to Publications Manager for a national insurance company. I wrote and designed their marketing materials for five years.

During the dotcom boom of the 1990s, I got bit by the technical writing bug and switched careers. I was excited to be working with tech startups and top-notch software developers. I wrote software user documentation and designed online help systems. It was fast-paced, fun work and it unleashed my "inner geek."

How I discovered direct response copywriting...

In 2013, I was finishing up a long stretch of family caregiving, which included autism care for my older brother and end-of-life care for my Dad. I was eager to get back into my writing career, but wanted to try my hand at a different style of writing.

That's when I learned about American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI).

I took Nick Usborne's Money-Making Websites program through AWAI. I ended up publishing a website, GroovyVideos.com, which combined two of my passions—marketing and video production—into a site that helps business owners use the power of video to promote their products.

My initial success with the site opened up a curiosity in me to try this "other" writing style I'd heard so much about through AWAI...direct response copywriting.

I signed up for their Circle of Success Program—an intensive two-year program where I'm learning from top copywriting experts the techniques needed to create blockbuster direct response packages.

A quick start to a new career!

I'm happy (and a bit surprised and overwhelmed) to say my investment in my direct response training has paid off rather quickly! In February 2014, I completed AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

Within two months, I landed my first direct response client through a spec assignment. I wrote a long-form sales letter for a health company selling an all-natural pain relief product.

This success boosted my confidence, leading me to submit more spec assignments to various health and financial marketers. My perseverance paid off when I won Clayton Makepeace's 2014 Copywriting Challenge Award.

Not only did my copy win me a hefty contract (with royalties) to write a promo for Weiss Research, but it also gave me the privilege of working with and learning from industry legend, Clayton Makepeace.

(You can read more about my copywriting win in this article.)

My hopes and plans for the future...

After working with Clayton, I realize I want to focus on long-form sales promotions. I enjoy the challenge of a big writing project. I'm looking forward to contacting marketers in the health, self-improvement and financial markets, showing them my work and writing what I hope will be a string of profit-boosting controls!

Curious to find out where I am with my career and how my plans worked out? Send me a message via my Contact Form and I'll be happy to respond!